Exfor Levels the Field for Forex Traders, Launches a Subscription Model

Exfor Levels the Field for Forex Traders, Launches a Subscription Model

January 18, 2023

About us

Exfor, a brokerage firm bringing innovation to the financial markets, is operational, servicing clients in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

The company offers various trading instruments in Forex, major and exotic pairs, metals, including precious metals like Gold and Silver, top stocks listed in U.S. and European bourses, and commodities like oil. While there are over 50 trading instruments for new and experienced traders to place orders and profit from asset volatility, Exfor plans to increase the number of tradable instruments in the months ahead. This, the company further divulges, is ahead of their plans to become an investment bank in the next two years.

Focus on Clients

Exfor is adapting to changing trader behavior and increasing demand for quality as more move to reputable platforms to place traders, seeking profits, and even earn livelihoods. The Forex market is officially the world's largest and the most liquid, with trillions transacted daily. Exfor is seizing this opportunity to present traders with a reliable portal to place orders easily in an easy-to-use and familiar trading terminal. Even though the market is dynamic and more tools are being released to service clients better, Exfor is opting to adopt the time and battle-tested MT4 and MT5 portals. They are used by millions of traders across the board. Most importantly, they offer many trading tools that can help in technical and fundamental analysis. Because the terminal is empowering, traders are in a better position to make informed trading decisions.

Forex Traders empowered with Wall Street Capabilities

The trading platform is also innovating, seeking to lighten fees on traders. Exfor will charge a net spread between the bid and ask prices on every order. Depending on the instrument being traded, a commission might be charged. Cumulatively, the accrued fees might impact profitability, especially for active traders posting tens, if not hundreds, of trades weekly.

To resolve this issue, Exfor is introducing a subscription service that can be issued quarterly, semi-annually, every nine months, or even annually. Traders will benefit immensely from the financial benefit associated with this kind of arrangement. The subscription paid will cover commission costs, positively impacting profitability. Additionally, there will be more freedom of action, meaning they are free to trade unbridledly, aware they only have to pay fees once, quarterly, or yearly, depending on their preference. On subscribing, they won't have to pay fees on every transaction.

The decision to move away from commission fees to a subscription model is tactical and is actively empowering traders from all backgrounds. In the current setup, retail traders bear the burden of slow information flow, higher fees--that can be over 10X those paid by stock traders, and an unfair trading ground tipped for institutional traders with better offers and technology. With a subscription model, Exfor is essentially the first platform on the sphere to free traders from the enslaving high fees, allowing them to make more from the FX markets.

Transparency and Collaboration

Exfor is blending innovation with transparency while also adhering to regulator rules. The trading firm banks with the largest bank in Malaysia, Malayan Banking Berhad. In line with their strict client protection policy, funds are segregated. There is a steel wall between the user and operation funds. Therefore, clients are assured that they can deposit and withdraw funds at any time, regardless of market conditions.

Exfor is actively and continuously working with the best partners in the sphere. With a laser focus on quality, the team only strikes valuable partnerships with providers who can offer top-quality solutions beneficial for clients; associations derived highlight the wealth of experience the team brings to the table. The Exfor team brings together experts from various parts of the world to deliver value for clients. Team members include Khaled Alkheder with over seven years working with various financial products such as stocks and bonds. Others include Ivan Marchena, who has, over the last 12 years, been working with banks and financial platforms with a global presence, helping some of them expand in Latin America.


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